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Screening for alcohol and drug dependency is vital to the prevention of or initial mediation in addiction. Individuals at risk of developing a severe problem with alcohol or drug abuse generally exhibit a number of warning signs sufficient enough to transform undesirable drinking patterns or drug use routines. Others may require a thorough addiction assessment in order to find a more individualized treatment program to meet his or her needs. Addiction assessments are the first step towards treatment of and recovery from addiction.

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Patient Assessment

Conducting regular chemical dependency screenings as part of therapeutic care eases the early involvement and treatment of addiction. Periodic addiction assessments are mainly helpful when the primary care doctor or specialist is administering opioids for the treatment of chronic pain. Further screening may be conducted by a physician to deliver primary opioid addiction treatment for recovering individuals who are suitable candidates for inpatient treatment programs. Other times patients may be required to be referred for treatment in another location.

Goals of Screening

  • The general goals of an addiction assessment may include:
  • Determining which individuals are more prone to develop an addiction
  • Identifying patients who may have developed a chemical dependency
  • Seeing which patients may need further medical assessment
  • Diagnose substance dependence and other underlying disorders
  • Suggest programs for suitable drug addiction treatment
  • Assess the psychological needs of individuals struggling with addiction

Psychological Evaluation

Besides observing a patient's behavior and undergoing a physical examination, patients should also have a formal mental status examination.

The information gathered from this exam may reveal important present or past psychiatric issues the patient was or is struggling with. Referral to an addiction psychiatrist or psychologist for a full mental health assessment may be required before starting substance abuse treatment. This depends highly on the doctor's qualifications to manage these psychiatric disorders.

Detox Duration

Detox is the first stage in an all-inclusive rehab program that offers all the necessary recovery tools. This procedure provides physiological healing for chronic drug abuse. Detoxification generally lasts several days to two weeks. The length depends on the drug, and severity of the condition.

Recovering individuals may experience withdrawal as early as a couple of hours after last using any addictive substances. Additional symptoms may show up within one or two days. Some patients may stop experiencing physical symptoms in as little as a few days. The emotional symptoms of drug detox may last a little longer. Drug or alcohol cravings, for example, can be more challenging.

Treatment After Assessment

Addiction treatment and aftercare programs are provided immediately after the patient has been released from detox. Detoxification alone cannot deal with the common triggers and causes of addiction. Get the help you need finding rehab centers at Drug Rehab Topeka KS. Call (785) 380-2460

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