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Although there are many ways to overcome alcoholism and drug dependency, the best way to deal with substance abuse is to prevent it before it begins. Drug abuse prevention may involve a number of social programs to educate people about relapse prevention and equip them with decision-making skills for a healthier lifestyle. Science is also exploring drug addiction from a neurological and biological perspective in an effort to not only treat addiction, but also increase the success of drug abuse prevention. A combination of scientific information on drug or alcohol abuse and behavioral education creates a solid foundation for an addiction-free life.

Defining Addiction

Addiction is as a developmental disease that should be avoided by using the right drug abuse prevention programs. This complex disease can affect the part of the brain responsible for governing judgment and decision-making. If the body becomes dependent on a substance while the brain is still developing, that dependence becomes part of the person's permanent neurological make up. Other scientific factors such as genetic predisposition, hormonal fluctuation and neurological chemistry are being studied in an effort to better understand the reasons for addictive behavior and come up with better approaches to treatment.

Understanding the body's physiological role in drug dependence and alcoholism is a step in developing successful addiction and drug abuse prevention programs. The best way to prevent an addictive lifestyle is by understanding how addiction works and the factors that commonly lead to chemical dependency. Factors can vary for each individual and situation, but the common causes of addiction may include emotional triggers, physical changes and social circumstances.

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Factors Leading to Addiction

There are other social, emotional and behavioral factors that may contribute to substance dependence. It has been proven that traumatic life events such as the death of a loved one, sexual or physical abuse, poor parent-child relationships and verbal or emotional abuse affects self-esteem and decision-making in a way that makes an individual more likely to engage in risky or addictive behaviors. These destructive behaviors often include the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

An issue often addressed in educational programs is peer pressure. Young adults are particularly vulnerable to the opinion of their peers. Avoiding certain situations or even certain people can be helpful in drug addiction prevention. Research has also shown that involvement in a hobby or activity, such as athletics or artistic programs, can greatly reduce the risk of drug and alcohol experimentation.

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